Thursday, January 22, 2009

First day on the job

I work at a high school and have been with the board for 6 years next month. The only thing that is consistent is I've been a 0.5 counsellor at the high school since day one. Pretty much every year the other half of my day has vacillated between classroom assistant and counselling at either the high school or elementary school.

Last week they posted for a 0.5 counsellor at the elementary school, but a contract until the end of June. I applied for the experience and to keep competitors for a possible permanent position away from it. The pay is about the same as the classroom assistant position I've been doing at the high school since coming back from Mat leave in November. Because it's a contract it's at the bottom of the pay scale, where I'm at the top for the assistant position so they're almost equal pay. I'll get about $20 more a month. For way more stress, work and a 1/2 hour extra a day. Better than nothing.

I got it (no interview, guess because I did the job for over a year before) and I started today. No principal today so I got a stack of referrals but no rhyme or reason to them. I found my old filing cabinet with all my stuff intact so I spent the afternoon planning my timeslots for sessions and trying to figure out some groups for kids with similar issues. Hard to do that not knowing who hates each other.

I'm excited because I'll be doing one hour a week with the grade 8 girls on relational aggression - the mean crap that girls do to each other, like ignoring a friend for a week or spreading rumours. I really enjoyed doing it before with a slightly smaller group and can't wait to do it again.

I get a pay raise this week because our new contract comes into play. I'll get $20 more each pay cheque. So altogether I'll get an extra $60 a month. When I finally get that disability insurance this will help pay for it.

I'm looking at opening a TFSA for our emergency fund. With my bank it's 2.66% and at ING it's 3.00% + a $13 sign-up bonus if you sign-up before January 31st. Problem is I need to send a cheque to make the first deposit and I can't find any of the cheques I bought this summer. Organization should make it onto my list of things to do this year.


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