Thursday, January 22, 2009


I finally added a ticker. For some reason I struggled with it for an evening and tonight it just worked instantly. Guess the stars are aligned.

It's our debt (obviously) other than our mortgage (that contains a consolidation loan but I'm not going to deal with that just yet - some other day). The amount owing to date is without this month's interest. I'm too lazy to calculate it.

How did we accumulate this? Poorly planned maternity leave, that's how. We never planned them out (hence the consolidation loan after the first one), we just figured we'd make it work. This time around we are planning in advance. We want one more baby in about 2 years. The CC will be paid off by December 2009 or sooner.

The money that is going on that will go into savings for the mat leave. We need about $5000 for mat leave to make up the difference (the exact number is on the spreadsheet in my other computer). This is all dependent on our one car lasting until the baby is born. We'll need a van at that point and I would like to push off car payments until then.

This time around I refuse to accumulate any debt.


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