Sunday, March 08, 2009

A little of this, little of that

A whole week has gone by since posting here. I'm lazy, I know it.

Yesterday was grocery day. I have developed a bit of a routine. Thursday the fliers are delivered so I pour through those, comparing my coupons and keeping in mind what is on hand I menu plan and make the list. I spent less this week than usual because I need to use up my supply of meat in the freezer. I think it'll be a couple more weeks of meat free shopping so we'll be that much closer to paying for our vacations this summer.

The last few months we've eaten basically the same foods so I'm trying to mix it up with at least 2 new recipes a week. This week's new eats were lasagna (amazing), a pasta/cheese/gr beef casserole (not amazing, but good enough to be put on regular rotation now) and a beef and bok choy stirfry (not good).

I stocked up on turkeys ($10 each) the last couple of weeks and we had one for lunch today. I am currently simmering the bones, veggies and a bay leaf to make soup tomorrow. My mom made soup every time we had a bird when I was growing up and she makes the best soup. I'm attempting to do the same. It smells great right now.

My little brother just had his hours cut in half at work this week. He wasn't even making ends meet before so this is a blow. I feel so bad for him. He's very young and just starting out. My parents are just waiting for their company to go under. It could happen any day. I'll join the crowds and say: this economy sucks!


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