Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rock on!

So I made a mistake and I'm actually getting paid my full rate for the contract! That'll bring in approximately $200 more a month until June. DH's union votes on the collective agreement in 2 weeks so that should give us a little piece of cash in back pay. With my estimates, we could be debt free by July.

That would come in handy since the ladies on my online forum are having a get-together a few hours away this summer (some flying in from the states). We've been together for 5 years so I can't miss it.

I looked at my disability plan at work and it so far doesn't have the pitfalls that Gail Vaz-Oxlade discussed. I need to ask more questions, but it's 100% of my pay until 65 years and is not taxed. So far, so good. Just need a plan for DH if the rest of it checks out.


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