Saturday, January 31, 2009

End of the Month

So this month I kept trucking along with the budget as set. I got a small retro pay so I bumped up the credit card payment by $50 for this month. I balanced the budget weekly.

A big thing is we switched from the money jars to the credit/debit cards to earn points. This is an adjustment in keeping track of the budget. I hope it goes faster every week to balance the budget as I get used to it.

Rather than having a money jar now for the leftover cash at the end of the week, I opened up another savings account and I'm transfering the balance from the variable budget there every week.

Goal #1 Get Private Disability Insurance

I didn't get individual disability insurance, but I started checking out my group disability insurance and so far it seems like it will work. We left a message this week with a insurance broker to find out about disability insurance for my husband. I didn't accomplish this goal, but I made some steps.

Goal #2 Get Life Insurance

Still haven't done this one. I got a quote but haven't acted on it. I discovered a few days ago that our life insurance on our house is for the amount pre-consolidation so it falls short of covering the full balance. This is the new high priority goal.

Goal #3 Open up a TFSA

Yeah, haven't done this either. I have no cheques so I can't open one up with ING. Not sure if I want to open one with my own bank. I will think more on this.

Goal #4 Get credit reports

Um, didn't do this one either. Just printed out the forms and sat them on the counter.

All in all, I'm happy with this month. I didn't actually complete any of my specific goals, but I did research them and make small steps towards accomplishing them. We continued living on budget and continued our set savings. I shall move these goals to February.


Blogger dinah34 said...

it sounds like even though you haven't finalized any of your goals you have been doing research and are still just deciding what you need/want to do. taking your time is better then rushing in!

February 1, 2009 at 3:30 PM  

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