Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This no money jars thing bit me in the butt today. I had to buy some washer fluid and coolant. My only excuse is I was sick and coming home early from work so not in my right mind. I used the wrong credit card! So now instead of paying it off interest fee at the end of the month, I'm going to have to pay $5 of interest on it by the time the whole balance is paid off. Grrrr. I'm taking that freaking card out of my wallet (why is it there in the first place?) and filing it since I never want to accidentally use it again.

I spent a little time today thinking of some future financial goals. The emergency savings total for 6 months expenses is overwhelming so I decided the first goal will be for 1 month of expenses. The second goal is to save for my mat leave.

Another one is to save for a family vacation to Disney World. The target date is Christmas 2014. We've never travelled (well, Vancouver for our honeymoon). I would prefer something like Ireland, but I think it would be fun for the kids. I never thought we could do it but I'm hoping that we'll manage it with continuing the budget like this. Hopefully neither of use loses our job or becomes disabled. Or dies. That would throw an axe in the plans.


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